Friedberg Moravian Church App (FREE)
 You can scan the QR Code and it will tke you to the correct app store

 or simply follow the steps below for your device.

1-Go to the app store and search for “The Sharefaith” app – download the sharefaith app.
2-Enter Friedberg Moravian in the Find your Church Ministry box – click Save

 1.       2.   

3-App Icon pop up select My Ministry 
4-Send you push notifications from Friedberg, select Allow. (The Church will send out occasional messages).
 3.      4 
5-You will then be on the welcome screen.  Navigate by clicking three bars in left corner.
6-In order to receive the latest updates when you go to the app each time click the refresh icon in lower left of screen.
5.      6. 
7-If there is new content a box will pop up saying there is new content.
8-Once app is installed it will say Sharefaith under our church logo
 7.      8   
Go to Google Play Store and search Friedberg Moravian Church -download the app