While communion is not practiced weekly, the Moravian Church does offer communion during special times and occasions throughout the year, such as on Good Friday, Pentecost and Worldwide Communion Sunday. We practice what is referred to as “open communion,” meaning any person who practices communion in any protestant denomination may participate in communion at Friedberg. During communion, the congregation prays a liturgy and sings hymns while the pastor passes out the small cups of wine or juice and wafers. Each element of the sacrament is partaken at once by the entire congregation. Communion is typically held during the last half of worship, and concludes at the end of the service.


Baptisms at Friedberg are generally performed on an as-needed basis for infants, children and adults. Friedberg usually baptizes with a three-fold pouring of water on the head, however, we have also performed full immmersion by request of the person being baptized. The sacrament of baptism is the outward signifier of the beginning of the Christian life. Adults are baptized upon the profession of their own faith after instruction. Children of Christian parents are baptised upon the faith of their parents and of the church. Infant baptism is particularly unique in that it not only calls for the parents to raise the child in the faith, but it also calls for the entire church to do the same.