Flock Their Yard!

Show someone they’re loved in a unique & fun way…Flock Their Yard!!!

Join the fun! Send a flock of plastic pink flamingos to the yard of your choice and we’ll deliver it for you. If you don’t wish to be “flamingoed” you better purchase Anti-Flocking Insurance. 

It’s easy! Just provide a name and address, and for a small donation, we’ll surprise them with a “flock” of pink plastic flamingos on their front lawn! Great for birthdays, anniversaries, or just to say make someone smile! This event is open to Friedberg Moravian members, families, & the surrounding community. 

***Note this is a “flocking” price and the flamingos will remain for 1 to 2 days and then be removed.



$15 for a Small Flock (10 Flamingos)

$40 for a Large Flock (40 Flamingos)

$20 for Anti-Flocking Insurance – For those of you who want to ensure that your yard remains flock-free 

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Anti-Flocking Flamingo Insurance:

Of course, not everyone appreciates the stylish additions of flamingos to their yard.  If that’s you, you may purchase “flamingo insurance” (the flamingos will not visit your yard during the fundraiser) for $20 and your yard will remain flock-free.

Respect for Private Property:

While we want to have fun and encourage some good-natured laughs of Friedberg regulars, families, and friends; we will respect the rights of homeowners to control what happens on their property. We will not place flamingos in the yard of anyone who asks us to refrain from doing so ahead of time, whether or not they have purchased “flamingo insurance.”