FMyouth is for young men and women in sixth through twelfth grade. We have regular youth group meetings on Sunday evenings at 5:00 PM in the youth room. We also have a small group ministry for our youth called G-groups. The “G” stands for Gemein which means community in German (a link to our Moravian heritage) and these groups are all about building community. Each G-group is divided by high school and middle school and gender. We have four G-groups each with their own leader.
FMyouth is also involved in many special events throughout the year like concerts, youth rallies, and service projects. The youth calendar is generally divided into three different semesters: fall, spring, and summer.  The summer calendar has more daytime and weekly activities since youth are out of school. We also have weeks we encourage youth to attend Laurel Ridge summer camp, Mission Camp, and mission trips.
Check out our newsletter link below to find out what we are currently doing or if you want more information contact our Youth Director Karen Hill
Upcoming Events
• Feb 2nd – 12:00 – 2:30 – Sweetheart Banquet – Reminder, this is part of our youth, therefore there will not be any youth from 5:00 – 7:00.
• Feb. 9th – CHANGE OF PLANS – United Methodist Church is hosting an educational and informative meeting on the effects of vaping. Youth groups and parents from around the community are invited to attend. The Davidson County Health Department, along with a student advocate for the program will lead the meeting. Vaping is very dangerous, therefore I think this would be a great opportunity for both parents and youth to learn the real dangers of vaping. UMC needs an approximate number attending, therefore if you plan on going, please let me know. The meeting at UMC starts at 6:00 and ends at 6:45. The youth will still meet in the youth room at 5:00, eat dinner and then head over to UMC on the bus. Parents are welcome to meet us at UMC at 6:00.
• Feb. 16th – Youth
• Feb. 21st – 23rd – Winter Retreat
• Feb. 23rd – No Youth

Winter Retreat


The Winter Retreat for middle and high school youth is Feb 21st – 23rd. The middle and high school will be staying in separate houses with separate leaders and activities. The reason we are combining the middle and high this year, is due to my mission trip to Honduras and not enough time to take them separately. I assure you, we will keep it as separate as possible. Another exciting piece to this trip is; we will have activities for both non-skiers and skiers. The non-skiers will enjoy the recreation center, while the skiers are on the mountain. The website for glade springs is We will be staying in the Oak Lane Villas. I’ve attached the forms, please sign and return by Feb. 2nd.  The cost includes: two nights stay, meals and activities. Please circle the option that applies.   

Printable Form

Youth Newsletter-February 2020